Best EUCs for Beginners

Best Electric Unicycles for Beginners

Electric unicycles are a new, unique way to spice up your commute or evening stroll around your neighborhood. Not only are these electric unicycles efficient for getting you from one place to the next, but they are a lot of fun. If you are looking to get started with EUCs, this guide provides a breakdown of the best electric unicycles for beginners.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding electric unicycles. People think there’s no use for them or that they’re unsafe, especially since they’re just as risky as an electric skateboard or scooter. Furthermore, riding these new modes of transportation is a great way to be environmentally friendly because they don’t require gasoline.

These electric modes of transportation might seem intimidating because they only have one wheel, but with a bit of dedication and practice, anyone can get the hang of riding them. However, there are some geared more towards beginners. Having the best electric unicycle for a beginner can help you get the hang of it faster and prepare you for more adventurous rides.

The Best EUCs for Beginners

There are several electric unicycles on the market nowadays. Every model comes with different wheel diameters, battery life, motor, and maximum speed. Each one also comes with unique features that make riding more enjoyable. Just because a product doesn’t explicitly state it’s for beginners doesn’t mean a beginner can’t use it. 

Our Top Choice

Gotway MTen 3 

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The Gotway MTen 3 has one of the smallest wheel diameters at ten inches. The smaller the wheel, the more control a rider will have. The ten-inch wheel makes the Gotway MTen 3 the best for control. 

Riders can reach a maximum speed of 22 MPH, which is relatively fast but not fast enough that you’ll get carried away and potentially injure yourself. This top speed can vary based on the battery life and rider’s weight. 

This unicycle’s battery capacity is 460Wh, and it only takes up to four hours to reach a full charge. This battery life will allow you to travel a distance of about 22 miles before running out of power. A vital feature of this unicycle that makes it a good option for beginners is the pedal brake support. Pedal braking support makes it easier for riders to brake when necessary. 

You can also connect to the electric unicycle via an app to set up speed alerts. Speed alerts help new riders know how fast they’re going and if it’s too quick for them. This unicycle will cost you around $949.00. 


  • Smaller wheel diameter
  • Speed alerts
  • Average battery charging time


  •  None

More Options for Beginners

9Bot One Z10 

The 9Bot One Z10 is our top option for electric unicycle beginners due to its stability and ease of use. The wheel on the Z10 is thicker than many other unicycles on the market, coming in at 18 inches in diameter. A wider wheel allows you to ride the unicycle for longer distances, up to 50 miles. Being able to ride longer distances is appealing once you’ve gained confidence riding. Yet, a thicker wheel unicycle may be more challenging for beginners. 

This electric unicycle has a top speed of 28 MPH, slower than some others on the market. Beginners can work their way up to the maximum speed. One of the best features of this electric unicycle is that it has a beginner mode, which won’t allow you to go beyond certain speeds. The unicycle automatically disables after riding for about a mile, but you’re able to reactivate it via an app on your phone if you need more practice.

This electric unicycle is the best for offering a beginner-friendly mode. The motor on this electric unicycle is 1800watts, and the battery is 995wh. When the battery inevitably runs out, you can expect it to take about 10 hours for the battery to reach a full charge. The price for this product varies on the website you purchase from, but it’s running around $1,399.00.


  • Beginner mode
  • Large maximum range
  • App controls


  • Long charge time
  • A little pricey

Green Fashion V5F 

The Green Fashion V5F is one of the most affordable electric unicycles you can find, at only $699.00. This price tag is better for beginners because spending thousands of dollars on your first unicycle isn’t something everyone wants to do. 

The Green Fashion V5F has a smaller wheel diameter of 14 inches, allowing riders to have more control. New riders need to focus on having more control. The smaller wheel diameter will help with that. You’ll only be able to travel between 20 and 25 miles with this unicycle, but for beginners, that’s probably more than enough.

Another factor that makes the Green Fashion V5F perfect for beginners is that you can only reach a maximum of 15 MPH. Once you have mastered the art of riding an electric unicycle, only reaching 15 MPH might not be ideal. However, staying at a slower pace while you learn is helpful.

This product has a 320Wh battery, and the motor is 550 watts. The Green Fashion V5F’s battery only takes a maximum of 3.5 hours to charge when it’s at its top performance. This electric unicycle has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can listen to your music. At the same time, you can ride without headphones, allowing you to enjoy your music but still hear others approaching if you need to get out of the way. 

This electric unicycle has front and back LED lights, one blue and one red. The Green Fashion V5F is the best for beginners looking for a more inexpensive electric unicycle.


  • Inexpensive comparatively 
  • Quick charging time
  • Smaller wheel diameter 
  • Bluetooth capabilities


  • Small distance range

King Song 16X 

If you’ve ever looked into electric unicycles, you’ve more than likely heard of King Song. They have a variety of models of unicycles on the market. Their products are expensive, but it is worth it for many users. The King Song 16X has a wheel diameter of 16 inches which is the perfect in-between of the first two electric unicycles above. You’ll still be able to have great control when you’re riding and be able to travel for further distances. The 16X will cost around $1,845.00 at the manufacturer’s website.

When you’re riding this unicycle, you’ll be able to reach a maximum of 31 MPH. 31 MPH might seem pretty fast for beginners, but the good news is that you won’t be able to go that fast until you’ve ridden the unicycle for a total of 10 miles. This model has an auto speed adjustment, which is helpful for beginners. This feature will automatically adjust your speed based on several factors to ensure you’re staying safe.

This electric unicycle has a battery of 1,554Wh and a motor with 2,200 watts. The average charging time is between 7 and 10 hours, depending on the battery’s life and how depleted the battery is when plugged in. This product’s unique features include two USB ports for charging your phone and mobile app controls. The King Song 16X is the best electric unicycle for transitioning from a beginner to a more experienced rider. 


  • Unable to reach maximum speed until you’ve ridden for a while
  • Auto speed adjustment
  • You can charge your phone via the unicycle
  • Perfect for transitioning from beginner to skilled


  • Expensive

Helmets Electric Unicycle

Helmets Electric Unicycle is another relatively inexpensive option. The average price for this unicycle is $809.99. This electric unicycle is designed for beginners and those who aren’t planning on traveling far distances. You’ll only be able to travel a maximum of 12 miles when riding Helmets Electric Unicycle.

This electric unicycle comes with an automatic balance system to help new riders gain confidence while using the product. It will automatically adjust the tilt if you’re leaning too far, a sure way to help prevent accidents. This feature makes it perfect for those learning to ride. 

The Helmets Electric Unicycle was designed for more leisurely use rather than commuting longer distances. This unicycle is the best for preventing falls due to its automatic balance system. You cannot go faster than 12 MPH, but it only takes one hour to reach a full charge.


  • Short charge time
  • Automatic balance system
  • Less expensive than other options


  • Relatively low maximum speed

Weilaijaiju 2020

The Weilaijaiju 2020 is the most expensive but arguably the most impressive electric unicycle on this list at $3,700. Purchasing this electric unicycle would be an investment because you can use it as a beginner and become more skilled. The wheel diameter is 16 inches so that beginners and experienced riders have plenty of control. 

The Weilaijaiju 2020 ranges between 35 and 50 miles which accounts for factors such as the rider’s weight and the unicycle’s battery. The charge time can also vary based on the listed factors. 

An alarm will sound when the battery reaches only an 80% charge. It might seem early to alert you, but unless you’re traveling a decent distance, this will allow you to get it on the charger before the battery completely drains.

This electric unicycle comes equipped with speed alarms. There are two-speed alarms. One sounds when you reach 18 MPH and the second when you reach around 21 MPH. Speed alarms are helpful for beginners to gauge how fast they’re going as they approach the maximum speed of 34 MPH. 


  • Speed alarms
  • 16-inch wheel diameter for control


  • Expensive for new riders 

Electric Unicycle Buying Guide & FAQ

Are They Safe?

Riding an electric unicycle has some risks, just as riding any other kind of personal transportation device. When you first tried riding a bike without training wheels, you probably fell off once or twice. It’s a similar learning curve to riding an electric unicycle. 

You need a strong focus on your center of gravity to ride these products, but the safety risks are minimal once you’ve got a good grasp on that. Start at slower speeds and only progress faster when you feel ready for your safety. 

Do I Need Any Gear?

What you choose and choose not to use when riding an electric unicycle is up to you. It is best to treat it like any other vehicle. Wearing a helmet may be required where you live, but even if it’s not, wearing one can prevent any serious injury if you were to fall off. 

Wearing a helmet is the best suggestion for gear to wear, but wearing elbow pads and knee pads can prevent injuries too. They may not be the “coolest” things, but at least until you’re more experienced riding, elbow and knee pads can help you stay safe.

Are They Difficult to Ride?

Electric unicycles can be challenging to ride at first if you’ve never ridden something with only one wheel. Just like riding a bike or skateboard, practice makes perfect. 

You won’t get better or feel more confident riding one unless you take the time to practice. How long it’ll take you to feel comfortable riding one is dependent on how often you practice and how well you are at keeping your balance. Don’t forget to check our tips on learning how to ride an electric unicycle.

There’s no one answer for how long it’ll take someone to find riding an electric unicycle easy. If you consistently practice, you’ll master riding one faster than only practicing sporadically. Once you get good at riding, you might want to consider venturing off-road. You can check out our take on the best EUCs for off-roading here.

How Long Will the Battery Last?

The battery life is different for every electric unicycle. Of the products on this list, the minimum battery life is 12 miles, and the maximum is 50 miles. Something to keep in mind is that these are estimated battery lives. Battery life will diminish over time, but there are things you can do to help preserve it for as long as possible. Various factors determine how long your battery will last. 

When charging your unicycle’s battery, set the alarm or remember to check it often for it to reach a full charge. Like your phone’s battery, leaving the battery on the charger after it is fully charged is damaging and causes the battery life to deteriorate faster than usual. 

Heat plays a considerable role in your unicycle’s battery life. Using your electric unicycle in extreme heat can wear on the battery. Comparing it to your phone again, when it is in the heat too long, it overheats and damages the battery. Storing your unicycle in a cool, shaded place will help prevent any further battery damage too. 

If you’re able to get your unicycle’s battery on the charger before the battery is completely drained, you’ll help preserve the battery life. While it’s not always possible to get it to a charger before it’s dead, doing your best to do this will keep it working as best as possible. 

Do I Need a License to Ride One?

Whether you need a license to ride an electric unicycle is complicated. The short answer is no, at least not at the moment. In some places, electric unicycles are treated like any other skateboard or scooter, meaning you don’t need a license or insurance.

Depending on where you are located and the maximum speed of your electric unicycle, you may have to abide by vehicle laws. Since many electric unicycles’ maximum speed is the minimum speed for most motor vehicles, you may have to ride in the bike lane if you’re planning on commuting via an electric unicycle. Properly using the bike lane includes stopping at stop signs, traffic lights, and others. 

If you’re looking to ride your electric unicycle only for pleasure around your neighborhood, the regulations are much more relaxed. Regardless of which situation you find yourself using your new unicycle for, be sure to check local laws and regulations in your area before venturing out on your electric unicycle.

Electric Unicycles Are Here to Stay

Electric unicycles are a fun way to zip around your neighborhood or commute to work or the store. Whether people like it or not, electric unicycles and other electric forms of transportation are taking over. If you can’t beat them, join them. We’ve also put together an ultimate guide to EVs if you’re interested in a bit of history and learning about different kinds of EVs and how they work.

Learning how to ride these unique, fun, and up-and-coming modes of transportation can be difficult initially, but if you’re interested, you’ll get the hang of it. With some practice and dedication, you’ll pick it up just as you did when you learned to ride a bike without training wheels. 

It’s hard to say when it comes to the best electric unicycles for beginners. What is best for you might not be best for your riding buddy. Each of these unicycles brings something a little different to the table that will fit into every electric unicycle rider’s idea of the best one for a beginner. 

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