EUC vs Onewheel

Electric Unicycle Vs. Onewheel: Which Should You Get?

Are you looking to venture into the world of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) with an electric unicycle or Onewheel?

Besides being fun rides, they make commuting and running errands much more manageable. However, there’s been a debate about comparing the two—one that could go on for hours. 

Those fond of electric unicycles (EUCs) boast of the vehicle’s speed, cost, range, and portability. Onewheel (OW) fans, on the other hand, say they’re more fun than EUCs. Since this is a matter of preference, there’s no objective winner. 

While it is impossible to settle on which one is better, based on data, I can help you understand the difference between EUCs and Onewheelers, which will help you invest in your preferred choice.

EUC Vs. Onewheel: How They Compare

They may seem similar at first, but there are some clear differences between them. Let’s take a closer look at how EUC and Onewheel differ!


Speed-wise, a reasonably priced EUC is faster than an expensive OW. EUCs can reach speeds as high as 22-30 mph, which is undoubtedly higher than an OW. Onewheel can only reach speeds of up to 15-19 mph. Therefore, if you’re looking for something fast, I’d advise you to go for the EUC over the OW. 

Winner: EUC


As EUCs and OWs are mechanical, there are bound to be some issues. With that in mind, specific safety measures need to be put in place to prevent any device’s future catastrophic failure. 

For OW, pushback is the primary in-built safety measure. The board’s nose is tilted up as you approach the point where the motor demands surpass its ability to keep you upright, which could result in a nosedive.

However, there isn’t any other safety measure that comes with the OW. Unlike the EUC, the OW has no audible alerts or any significant backup ability to keep you upright if you exceed the cruise speed. 

You won’t appreciate this because it means the board could easily send you crashing down for those of you who like pushing things to the limit. 

On the other hand, EUCs feature a few more built-in safety measures than OWs. However, depending on the maker, there could be some slight variations in safety features. The most important thing is having a tilt-back safety feature. A tilt-back is a feature similar to a pushback. However, unlike OWs, where the nose tilts upward, the EUC is built to signal that you’re moving too fast.

Even better, EUCs have an audible alert that notifies you when you exceed the speed limit. While riding a EUC, falling is a rare occurrence. Pushing their machines beyond their limits is what gets most riders injured. Single wheel self-balancing technology comes with its fair share of inherent risks we accept while riding. Nevertheless, the EUC is safer than the OW.

Winner: EUC


Without a doubt, the EUC has longer battery life. EUCs tend to last for 30-70 miles without recharging, unlike OWs that can last for only 8-18 miles before needing to be recharged.

Winner: EUC


Another comparison between the two devices is the difficulty level to learn their operations. Many will agree that it’s easier to learn how to ride an OW than an EUC. This ease of learning has contributed significantly to the Onewheel’s popularity.

However, many reckless beginners are overconfident, go too fast, and then wipe out even before knowing what a nosedive is. With the higher learning curve, EUC riders require a greater understanding of how the machine functions.

Respect for the device develops, too, during this learning process. Many people don’t try the EUC because of the steep learning curve. However, the learning curve is one way to keep people safe by forcing them to take things slowly.

Winner: Onewheel


The trolley handle in an EUC lets one use the self-balancing capacities to move my EUC from point to point with ease. For the OW, you’ll have to carry it. And, no matter the distance, it ends up being a drag.

Winner: EUC


Though most people invest in one of these devices for transportation purposes, you’ll probably end up buying the one you find you enjoy more.

When it comes to the Onewheel, something about that sideways stance always excites people. It resonates with most, as it sparks the kid within you. The OW could satisfy the itch you have always had to snowboard or surf if you don’t have access to these activities.

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I find the EUC to be even better. When you get going on one, it makes you feel like you’re controlling your own personal rollercoaster. You don’t have to stop and charge; you can ride much further than other PEVs.

Winner: Depends on your preference, but I will say it is a TIE!

The Best Electric Unicycles And Onewheels

With several EUC and Onewheel models available in the market, choosing one can be challenging. The good news is, after extensive research and testing, we came up with a list of three of the best EUCs and Onewheels.


The Future Motion Onewheel features a HyperCore Brushless Motor. It moves at an average speed of 19 mph and can move at a top speed of 25 mph. 

With this Onewheel, you’ll have no battery woes, as it has a long battery life that can allow you to cover a 12-18-mile range without having to recharge it.

What’s more, it features intelligent LED lights that help improve your safety on the road. 

It’s pretty fun to ride, although it doesn’t come with a remote to control the speed—you’ll need to lean forward. 


  • It has a HyperCore brushless motor
  • It has intelligent LED lights
  • It has a long battery life


  • It can be dangerous when driven at full speed, as it nosedives and shuts down with no warning
  • It has no speed control


You couldn’t be safer in the Segway Ninebot EUC. It’s UL 2272-certified, which guarantees you that it meets the rigorous electrical and fire safety standards. 

It also features a smart battery management system that offers dependable battery performance. The device’s battery has IP54 waterproof protection, which keeps it working no matter the weather.

The Segway Ninebot is compact, weighing a mere 28 pounds, and allows a maximum load of 220 pounds. You can quickly achieve a top speed of 10 mph thanks to the dual 400W motors. 

Something else beneficial about this scooter is that you can use it for up to 13.7 miles on a single fully charged battery and climb a maximum slope of 15 degrees.

Also, you’re assured of a comfortable and smooth ride even on bumpy roads as it comes with 10.5″ pneumatic tires.

What’s more, it features a knee control bar that allows easy lifting and precise steering. 

In terms of security, you can install the Segway intelligent management app for vehicle self-diagnosis, anti-theft functions, ambient lighting, speed limits and adjustments, firmware upgrade, and remote vehicle control.


  • It’s UL 2272 certified
  • It has pneumatic tires for a comfortable, smooth ride
  • It has a smart battery management system


  • It’s not as good as its predecessor, the Segway Minipro
  • It can be dangerous if you hit the max speed 


The King Song is often considered the best unicycle because it’s powerful and offers an advanced set of features. 

First, it has a motor wattage of 1200W that provides a powerful ride, with high speeds, good traction, and uphill climbing. Also, it can reach a top speed of about 22 mph, making it one of the fastest unicycles. It can climb a hill with a 30 to 35-degree slope, which is more than your typical electric unicycle.

The King Song’s powerful motor and sleek design allow you to soar at high speeds and ride it on different surfaces and angles. 

Without a doubt, this unicycle is ideal for casual riding and thrills, especially for advanced riders. It offers a reliable means of commuting to school, work, or traveling around the city.

This unicycle combines the quality of being long-lasting and fast, making it dependable for all forms of personal transport. 

In addition, the unicycle has atmospheric LED lights that you can program according to your preference. It also features a Bluetooth speaker system that allows you to play music or any other audio while riding, and trust me when I say that those stereo speakers have good sound quality. 

What’s more, the King Song has a cool mobile app that enables you to monitor your current speed, range, temperature, and volume. The app also allows you to change the speed limit, turn the lights on and off, and update the firmware. It also enables real-time connectivity.

Another great feature of this device is the handle. Its handle is smoother and sturdy compared to other handles I’ve used. It’s smartly built and doesn’t take up any space, making it simple and easy to use whenever needed.


  • It has a powerful 1200W motor wattage
  • It’s smooth and sturdy to handle
  • It’s fitted with a mobile app for monitoring speed, range, temperature, and volume
  • A great EUC for beginners


  • It’s a little loud
  • The handle takes some getting used to


The comparison above clearly points out that the EUC beats the OW in almost all categories, from speed, safety, portability, and range, to price. However, certain products evoke strong emotional connections with consumers, which is the case with the Onewheel. 

The OW wins over the EUC in the market, as the public perceives it as cooler and more exciting.

One thing is for sure, both EUCs and OWs are great. I’d recommend trying both to find out what style best works for you.

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